Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees


  • 2½-year-olds program:  $150/month
  • 3-year-olds program:  $150/month
  • Pre-K program (3 days):  $170/month
  • Pre-K program (4 days):  $190/month
  • Pre-K Plus program (5 days):  $205/month

Tuition is due on the first of each month, even when school is not in session at the time. After the tenth of the month a late fee of $20 is charged to the family’s account. Tuition can be paid by scheduled automatic draft (draft forms in the preschool office), check made payable to Heritage United Methodist Preschool (or HUM Preschool), debit/credit card payments online (additional fee charged) or cash. Enrollment of a student will be in jeopardy if tuition for any given month is not received on or before the last day of that month. To maintain the student’s placement in the preschool, tuition for the unpaid month plus the $20 late fee will be due along with the full following month’s payment on the first of the following month. If, on the 11th of that following month, no payment is received, the preschool then reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment. In the event that a child withdraws voluntarily, the preschool requests 30 days notice of withdrawal. The full financial obligation shall be to pay for the entire month in which the child is withdrawing regardless of the date of the month departing.  If less than the required 30 days notice is given, an extra month of tuition will be collected to assure the preschool ample time to fill the vacated position while not adjusting the school budget. In all cases, if there is an opportunity to immediately fill the position, the preschool will review the situation to determine if the parents are obligated for any unpaid tuition.  Preschool personnel will make every effort to fill the vacated position.


Registration Fee

A Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $70 is due with each Application for Admission. This fee covers the registration process and all school supplies.  If a family is enrolling one or more children for the same preschool year the 2nd enrollment fee is waived.

Security Deposit Fee

A Security Deposit Fee equal to one month’s tuition and which takes the place of the May 2021 tuition payment, is due by May 1, 2020, or within 30 days of registration. If the security deposit is not received by May 1 or within 30 days of registration, the child will lose his/her placement in the preschool. Children registered after Aug. 1 will not pay the Security Deposit Fee, but will instead pay tuition for May 2021. This deposit will be refunded only in the event of a job-related move or a health-related withdrawal.

A Late Withdrawal Fee, equal to one month’s tuition, will be assessed if a child is withdrawn from the preschool program less than 30 days before the beginning of school and his/her spot cannot be filled from the waiting list. This fee is in addition to the loss of the Registration Fee and the Security Deposit Fee.

Other Fees

Other fees are as follows:

  • A $36 Service Fee will be assessed for a check returned by the bank.
  • A $20 Late Tuition Fee will be assessed if tuition is received after the tenth of the month.
  • A Late Pick-Up Fee ($5 for the first time and $20 for any time thereafter) will be assessed if the student is picked up after 12:15.
  • A $10 Lost Book Fee will be assessed if a child borrows a book from the classroom library and loses it.
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