FEBRUARY 10, 2019 AT 8:55

As of 2/24/20 the following classes are full:  Pre-K5 and 4 day Pre-K4

We will contact you within 5 business days of registering online. If the class you request is full, we will contact you and add you to our wait list. Both the Application and the Enrollment Agreement are also available in the preschool office. Registration opens to preschool and church families on Monday of the first full week of February; it opens to the community on Monday of the second full week of February.

Pre-Registration Observation

We invite all families interested in Heritage United Methodist Preschool to make an appointment to come and tour our facility and learn about our program.  To make an appointment, call 434-239-4291 or send us an Email.

Ages for Registration

Heritage United Methodist Preschool  offers the following programs from 9:00 a.m to noon:

  • 2s  Program (2½  by Sept. 30) M/W or T/Th
  • 3s Program (3 by Sept. 30) T/Th
  • 3s/4s Combined Program MW/F (3 by 6/30 and no older than 4 by 6/30) MUST BE POTTY TRAININED
  • 4s Program M/W/F (4 by Sept. 30) (3 day)MUST BE POTTY TRAINED
  • 4s Program M-Th (4 by Sept. 30)(4 day) MUST BE POTTY TRAINED
  • Pre-Ks Program M-F (4 by March 30 or 5) MUST BE POTTY TRAINED

Registration Requirements

All of the following must be submitted together in order for us to register your child: 1.  Application,  2.  Enrollment Agreement, 3.  Original Proof of Birth if enrolling child for first time. Acceptable means of proof of birth are:

  • certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • notification of birth (hospital, physician, or midwife record)
  • birth registration card
  • passport
  • copy of the placement agreement or other proof of the child’s identity from a child placing agency (foster care and adoption agencies)
  • copy of the entrustment agreement conferring temporary legal custody of a child to an independent foster parent
  • school record from a public school in Virginia
  • or certification by a principal or his designee of a public school in the U.S. that a certified copy of the child’s birth record was previously presented.

4.  Record of Immunization for all new students 5.  Registration Fee of $70 The parent/guardian may choose to pay the Security Deposit Fee (equal to one month’s tuition and due May 1) at the time of registration.

“It’s not often anymore, in this busy life, that you encounter people that are truly, wholeheartedly living their calling. So to meet an entire organization that exhibits such reward, dedication and meaning from their “work” is truly amazing. It could not be more obvious that the staff at Heritage has chosen this path not as a profession but a calling. Each one of them educates, treasures and loves each child that walks through the door. And as a result, that child feels safe, happy and adores the experience. Everything else that goes along with it just falls perfectly into place after that. Heritage has a gift and gives a gift. Thank you for letting us be part of your special place.”

Alison Richardson

Heritage United Methodist Preschool

Heritage United Methodist Preschool