Our Vision

Heritage United Methodist Preschool

We are a Christian early learning center located in Lynchburg that seeks to provide children with a biblically-based, Christ-centered approach to the most formative years of education.  With a program centered on spiritual growth as well as the development of crucial motor, language, fine art and math skills, Heritage United Methodist Preschool brings the best in Christian education to pre-kindergarten students in the Lynchburg area. A skilled and dedicated teaching staff is the heart of Heritage United Methodist Preschool and ensures that each student feels nurtured, loved and challenged to be their very best.

Mission Statement

Heritage United Methodist Preschool is called by God to provide a nurturing environment in which the young child feels loved, respected, and valued. Our Christian program is designed to promote the child’s development emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. It is an outreach to our community.

The mission of our school calls us to a vision which includes:

    • Teaching and incorporating Christian principles for living into the classroom
    • Being a reflection of God’s love to our children
    • Committing to a small teacher/student ratio
    • Providing sincere, nurturing teachers
    • Valuing the uniqueness and individuality of each child
    • Building our curriculum around developmentally appropriate practices
    • Encouraging active learning
    • Partnering with parents to build a strong God-centered foundation for the children in our care
    • Receiving the support and guidance of the Heritage United Methodist Church family

Educational Philosophy

The staff and teachers of Heritage United Methodist Preschool make every effort to build their curriculum around developmentally appropriate practices. The implications of such practices include:

  • Making lessons meaningful to children and related to what they already know
  • Teaching in a way that recognizes that children do not learn in the same way; they aren’t interested in learning the same thing as everyone else all the time
  • Providing instruction that is physically and mentally active – children should be actively involved in learning activities by building, creating, experimenting, investigating, and working collaboratively with their peers
  • Providing hands-on activities with concrete objects and manipulatives as opposed to workbook and worksheet activities

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Heritage United Methodist Preschool

Heritage United Methodist Preschool