Lunch Bunch

Heritage United Methodist Preschool

The Lunch Bunch program is an exciting extended day program for Heritage United Methodist Preschool students. The goal of Lunch Brunch is to create an exhilarating after-school environment that includes outdoor play, games, and lunch. Participants are led  by the HUM Preschool staff with no more than 10 children per teacher at any time. This allows every student to feel loved and valued. Lunch Bunch provides a flexible and convenient option for parents while also including a time of fun, physical activity and additional social time for participants.

The program is available from 12:15 to 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week that school is in session. A child is welcome to attend Lunch Bunch on any of the three days, not just on the day when the child attends the morning program. Children may attend on a regular basis (specific day/days each week) or a drop-in basis (as needed).

Lunch Bunch is available to HUM Preschool children only, and only to children who are toilet-trained and do not require afternoon naps. Each child must bring:

  • Lunch in a box or bag labeled with his or her name. We suggest you use a backpack with one container for “preschool snack” and one for “lunch bunch.”  Please do not send any food that needs to be microwaved, peeled or prepared in any way.
  • A change of clothes in her/his backpack.

Enrollment and Fees

Sign up for the Lunch Bunch program by placing the form and payment in our drop box. Sign-ups must be prepaid by cash or check.  Fees are as follows:

  • Daily fee of $10 for beginning-of-the-month sign-ups (by the end of the day on the last day of the first week of the new month)
  • Daily fee of $12 for drop-ins
  • Additional fee of $25 if child has not been signed up for Lunch Bunch but has been left at school to participate in the program
  • Late (after 2:40) Pick-Up Fee of $5 for the first time and $20 for any time thereafter

There are no refunds for the Lunch Bunch program. Rescheduling is the responsibility of the parent and is available only:

  1. If school is closed for inclement weather
  2. If child is sick
  3. If another day is preferred for the child to attend and 24 hours notice is given.
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