Classes: Overview

Classes Overview

Preschool Programs for  Age 2 1/2 thru 5



All preschool classes meet from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Program Days Price
2s Program (2½ by Sept. 30) Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday $150/month
3s Program (3 by Sept. 30) Tuesday/Thursday $150/month
Pre-K Program– 3 day  (4 by Sept. 30) Monday/Wednesday/Friday $170/month
Pre-K Program – 4 day – (4 by Sept. 30) Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday $190/month
Pre-K Plus Program (4 years, 8 months, by Sept. 30 or 5) Monday through Friday $205/month

The Pre-K Plus program is designed for the older 4-year-old or the 5-year-old who will not be entering kindergarten in the Fall.

Melody Makers Class


“My two boys were over the moon excited for Pajama Day! Thank you for all you do for us.”
Meredith Neufeld

The children will follow God’s plan for the world as an expression of His love and care. They will be encouraged to follow God’s teachings in the classroom by making good choices, speaking kind words, sharing, showing love to others, and taking turns. They will be encouraged to make Jesus their best friend and to have a personal relationship with Him as their Savior.
The children will have plenty of opportunity to build their gross motor skills. On the playground they will use their large muscles on the swings and slides, as well as play actively with other children.  In the gym the children will:


  • Ride big wheels
  • Bounce on big balls
  • Play with hula-hoops
  • Enjoy the fun of a colorful parachute
  • Toss beanbags
  • Bowl

There are also ample opportunities for the children to develop their fine motor skills  as they play and work with materials and resources that make learning fun. They will:

  • Write
  • Draw
  • stencil,
  • Put puzzles together
  • Create with play dough
  • Cut
  • String beads
  • Work with a vast assortment of quality manipulatives in the classroom

The children will hear the teachers use grammatically correct language and engage in numerous individual and group activities to develop their use of language. They will have access to a reading corner in their own room, as well as over 2,000 age-appropriate books in the school’s library. These books are diverse in content (fantasy, fact, nature/science, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, Bible stories, and specific units of study). Recorded books are also available. In addition, the children can enjoy being read to by the teacher individually and in both large and small groups. The children will act out stories as well as dictate stories of their own to the teacher. They will be encouraged to express themselves freely at circle time, as they play, and during specific times of sharing.

The children will have opportunities to discover the world around them as they go on nature walks and field trips outside the classroom. They will explore the wonders of science inside the classroom as they:


  • Plant seeds
  • Watch tadpoles develop into frogs and caterpillars develop into butterflies
  • Work with magnets
  • Examine bird nests, snake skins, and empty bee hives,
  • Use a magnifying glass, prism, or kaleidoscope
The children will be given great freedom in expressing themselves artistically. Clay, paint, wood, fabric, chalk, and collage materials are just a few of the art supplies we use in the classroom.
The children will have opportunities to hear music as well as to sing, move, and relax. Beyond enjoying music for its own sake, musical activities will be used to teach concepts, reinforce learning, and develop skills of various kinds. In addition to exposure to music in the classroom, all children will have special Music Time as part of their program.


Once a week, the 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children learn from the staff at Melody Makers, a private music program offered in the Lynchburg and Roanoke areas. Through Melody Makers, the children learn about musical terms and notes, instruments in the orchestra, and classical composers.
Ms. Pat, the Director of HUM Preschool, leads the music program for 2-year-olds.  The program follows the monthly theme of the classroom and is designed to reinforce key concepts through music the children are learning, such as shapes, Bible verses, colors and nursery rhymes.

The children will be encouraged to play both informally in learning centers and outdoors, and more formally in story time and in group activities. They will use a variety of puppets, dress-up clothes, and other props to identify with people, times, and places in a make-believe world.
The children will be exposed to many opportunities for child-initiated play involving sorting, counting, measuring, classifying, patterning, graphing, subitizing, and identifying numbers. There will also be math-centered, teacher-directed activities at learning centers and during circle time.
On becoming a member of a preschool class, each child will become part of a large family. The children will work together for the good of the class. This means that they will learn to share, care, encourage, take turns, help, comfort, and speak kindly.


They will work in small groups as they:

  • Play with clay
  • Do puzzles
  • Play in the home living center
  • Work at the writing center
  • Build blocks together

They will work in larger groups as they:

  • Play outside
  • Share ideas and listen to stories during Circle Time
  • Take part in large group presentations such as a magic or puppet show

Learning to play together is considered a major goal of the preschool experience.

Heritage United Methodist Preschool

Heritage United Methodist Preschool