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Your child is special.

We provide a Christian environment where your child will feel loved, respected and valued.

For your 2 1/2 -year-old

Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur

Your 2-year-old will develop independence. We focus on learning to share and work with others. Students will also begin to master basic skills, such as counting and sorting. Two-year-olds at HUM preschool learn that they are loved by God and that God made the world around them.

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For your 3-year-old


Your 3-year-old will demonstrate increasing independence and confidence. Students learn to take responsibility for the classroom environment, and begin to solve problems creatively. Three-year-olds at HUM preschool learn to develop a relationship with God.

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For Your 4 and 5 year old

Mon-Thur, Mon/Wed/Fri or Mon-Fri

Your 4- or 5-year-old  will prepare for a lifetime of learning. Teachers encourage their curiosity, develop their understanding of the world, and expand their logical thinking skills. They are supported in their spiritual growth as they continue to develop a relationship with God.

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Christian Approach

We Foster Spiritual Growth

Our preschool is not simply a “church-based” school but a distinctively Christian preschool. Our staff is passionate about building a strong spiritual foundation for each boy and girl who enters our door. Our teachers make an intentional effort to show God’s love through daily patience, respect, care, time, energy, and nurturing.


Called To Serve With Love

Heritage United Methodist Preschool is blessed with a committed, Christian staff of experienced teaching professionals who bring a compassionate and warm approach to everything they do. Their love and dedication are central to the values of Heritage United Methodist Preschool and provide students with Christ-like examples in their daily learning environment. Our teachers represent our core goal of spiritual growth in their own lives and seek to encourage and challenge children in their personal faith and academic endeavors.

Camp Sonshine

Summer Fun For Kids

Camp SonShine is a week-long summer program held in June, and again in July. Participants focus on a particular Bible verse, song and story. This year’s themes are “Super Safari” and “Ocean Explorer.” Children are placed in “camping groups” according to age and spend the mornings experiencing outdoor play, creative and directed art, water table fun and theme-related activities. Following lunch, participants sing praise songs and hear a Bible story. Camp SonShine combines fun, activity and Bible-based learning in a safe environment.

How to Enroll

Join Our Community

Whether you are just joining the community at Heritage United Methodist Preschool or you’re re-enrolling a previously or currently enrolled child, registration is simple. We invite all families interested in Heritage United Methodist Preschool to make an appointment to come and observe our program, teachers, and children in action. To make an appointment, call 434-239-4291 or email us. Tuition starts at just $150 a month!

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9am – 2:30pm  M-W
9am – Noon  Th-F

Heritage United Methodist Preschool

Heritage United Methodist Preschool